Vildmarkrejser Website Redesign

“ was founded by Jan Agger, an experienced senior sergeant from the Danish army with extensive knowledge of the Arctic environment. With Jan as a travel guide in the winter wilderness, you are guaranteed a great but also safe nature experience.”

My goal for this project was to modernize the look of their current website which looks out-dated and needs a lot of improvement, from re-organizing the content to making it more aesthetically pleasing.

This is how the website looked before redisigning it.
Only the landing page used as reference.

As seen above, the landing page is cluttered, not following some basic UX rules and doesn’t have much personality either. Re-designing it has been a fairly smooth experience, especially since I was given the “free hand” on everything.

In my opinion, the landing page doesn’t feel welcoming and too many things compete for attention at the same time. Navigating on the website doesn’t feel too comfortable either. Many of the sub-pages are loaded with information in small areas and don’t have enough visual hierarchy.

Over-all, a complete re-design was needed.
My main thoughts on it was to improve the navigation while making it more pleasing and easy to explore. Adding more content on the landing page has been an important decision to achieve the desired experience.

This is how the website looks after re-designing it.

In addition, a poster for his social media has been created.